Erevan Anastriana

Wizard/Warlock -->Eldritch Theurge


Wizard3/Warlock3/Eldritch Theurge1 (7) Grey Elf CG

St 8 Dex 16 Con 16 Int 21 Wis 12 Cha 8

HP 43 AC 18 Fort +5 Ref +5 Will +9


Born and raised in the Gnarley Forest, Erevan despises the joining of cultures between the elves and the hobgoblins. Despite the peace in which the two races live, Erevan distrusts the hobgoblins and wishes for his people to become free of their influence. Only the race of Dark Elves, the Drow, come close in his hatred. It was the drow’s actions, on behalf of the Spider Queen, that caused the upheaval in the Flanaess and led to the elves joining with the hobgoblins. He cares little for the “mage killers” and registered without giving much thought to it. His only goals were to gain in power and help his race regain their independence. And if he could do that by killing hobgoblins and drow, then so be it.

Erevan Anastriana

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